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Popularly known as Happyness Consultancy, EduYoung Happyness Education Consultancy and Placement Firm (EHECPF) is a firm based in Thimphu, Bhutan approved by the Royal Government of Bhutan through the Ministry of Education and Skills Development – Bhutan Qualification and Professional Certification Authority (BQPCA). We are positioned to provide career counselling, seek admissions and support visa processing for Bhutanese students going aboard for higher studies.

The EHECPF is founded by professionals working within the country with support of friends and family from aboard. The core team of the firm have studied, lived, travelled and worked in the USA, Australia, India, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, Finland, Canada and Norway besides others.

We are the local counterpart of a Multi-National education consultancy firm called EduYoung.Com. We are duly approved  and licensed by the Government of Bhutan to collaborate with EduYoung.Com to provide the best educational services for Bhutanese students aspiring to study aboard. We are also lovingly called “EduYoung Bhutan”

EduYoung.com today has offices in Brisbane, Australia; Korea; Taiwan; Mongolia; Thailand; and Sydney, Australia. With the Bhutan office, It is now present in 6 countries officially.

EduYoung.com has provided professional study abroad counseling services since 2001 that take into consideration individual students’ capabilities through years of experience and know-how, rather than one-size-fits-all counseling.

It was selected as the ‘Best Study Abroad Agent’ by local language schools and universities in Australia, and is currently helping students with their procedures as an official agency for language schools, colleges, TAFEs, and universities throughout Australia.

The well set up and competent local team of EduYoung Bhutan and international connections and experience of Edu.Young.com are integrated together to provide the best of services in most efficient and effective manner.

Outreach and representatives

We also have a network of representatives in Australia, Thailand, India, USA, Canada, Mongolia, Korea, Taiwan,  and Thailand to network with universities and institutes in those countries. Similarly, we also have officers and network of officers working in various parts of Bhutan.